Sunday, January 31, 2010

Man down!

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower for one of my best friends, Jen Hovee. It indeed was a blast and included a 5 minute session of me... on the ground!

So, this is what my usual workout routine looks like:

Meg eats
Meg works out (and often eats during it)
Meg eats (a lot!) again SOON after getting home

Yesterday was different.

Meg ate
Meg ran

... and then I came home, showered, dried my hair, did some laundry, made Jen a card, and then was out the door in no time and heading to Mercer Island... extremely ready to eat some bridal shower BRUNCH!

Of course, we do not eat right as we get there and most are content with just chatting and drinking their delicious drink. Meanwhile, I am eyeing the beautiful food table hoping somebody will say "dive in!" When that finally happens, I am more than ready to eat. I'm ALMOST through the line, when I accidentally slice my finger as I'm cutting my bagel in half. Blood proceeds to spill onto my hand, bagel, and plate. Whoops! So, I sit down, look at my finger and the blood and realize I'm getting light headed. Then, Jen proceeds to tell me I'm profusely sweating. So the bride-to-be escorts me into another room where I essentially fall/lay on the ground... definitely almost completely fainted!

But thank goodness for dear friends like Jen and Stace who lovingly hand-fed me chocolate-covered strawberries to bring my blood sugars up and me back to life!

Lesson learned: ALWAYS eat immediately post-workout, no matter what kind of rush you are in, even if a large tasty brunch is promised you!!! You never know what will happen that could delay that food entering your mouth. And watch out for sharp knives! Combination of needing food + blood = not good :)

Ironically enough, my brother, Rob, ended up in the E.R. with twelve stitches in his hand from a sawing accident while installing a dishwasher. Not a good day for the Melchiors kids! I wonder if anything happened to Keith...


  1. I will be there anytime to hand feed you fruit but let's never again have the reason be because you passed out! You were hilarious though even while in distress and you came out of it like a trooper! I love you so much and can't wait to read more posts! You are an inspiration to me and I seriously am so proud of you. I'll be cheering you on every step of the way:)

  2. Meg - a note on eating right away. Always consume right away because you know you can trust your body to come through again when the pressure is on to consume copious amounts of food at any sort of gathering!