Saturday, February 20, 2010

My training program

Golden Gardens

Many people ask me if I follow a specific training program. The answer is yes, indeed I do. Otherwise, I would be way too overwhelmed to figure out how to go about preparing for race day. I'm following an online program:

I am currently wrapping up week 18 and am 1 month away from entering Competitive Season. Yikes! But so far I'm loving the training and enjoying the new challenges the weeks are bringing as June gets closer.

I do miss training sessions on occasion, but I am pretty disciplined. Passion for UVP and fitness... coupled with the desire to cross that finish line combine to create the perfect inspiration to do my workouts!

In terms of swimming... on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings you can find me at the LA Fitness pool with my water bottle, a pull bouey, and a gu at around the lovely time of 5:00 or 5:30. Making that first move to hop in the pool is always the low-point, but getting in that water is like medicine for my body and takes me back to my days as a "shark" at the Hot Springs YMCA!

My weekday rides are done on a stationary bike I clip into at the gym, and I am generally accompanied with my workout playlist or a spinning class. Highlights of my list include Eye of the Tiger, I'm Every Woman, and Eminem's Lose Yourself (for a hill climb). So far the farthest I've ridden is 65 miles, but hopefully that changes soon! My weekend rides are outside, weather permitting. Luckily Seattle is experiencing Spring right now so I'll be out there tomorrow :)

My runs take me all over. My newest run takes me across the Ballard bridge and then across another (uphill!) bridge into/onto Magnolia which provides AMAZING views. For those unaware of how incredible Seattle is... FYI, it's incredible! Last weekend I enjoyed many bridges, hills, views of Mt. Rainier, views of the Olympics, boatyards, lakes, and sunshine during my 13 mile-er. Then, there is also my standard Greenlake sunrise run that steals my heart every time. Today I ran to Golden Gardens and the Olympics were out in all their snow-capped glory. God's creation is magnificent.

Maybe I'll see you out there...

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