Friday, March 12, 2010

Bike Rides!

Thought I would document some fun and scenic rides I've had over the past month thanks to the BEAUTIFUL weather.

Last week I was on the Centennial Trail in Lake Stevens, but unfortunately no photos. I think it was the farthest I have ever ridden - 50 miles - not even 1/2 of the race distance! Scary but I guess I trust the training schedule... and my body... and the good Lord....

Back to the rides. A couple weeks ago, Rob and I headed out to La Conner to enjoy wide open roads, sunshine, barns, daffodils, and the potent aroma of cow and horse dung! We had a good time and ended up getting in about 41 miles and finished just in time for sunset. We topped off the evening with a short run and some delicious pork tacos with Seth and Tana. Thank you, Rob!

daffodil field
about to take off
Watch out for tractors. And share the road! ;)

Going back further in time...
The first "spring" ride was a beautiful Sunday a few weeks ago. I took off with Rob and Phil... a little nervous I'd be playing catch-up with the boys, but it was indeed a good time. We headed to South Lake Washington and then across the I-90 bridge. We followed alongside I-90 for awhile and then turned around and hopped onto Mercer Island for a quick jaunt. Then we headed back and enjoyed some Arboretum action before riding up through the UW to get back home! I was definitely leading the way the whole time ;)

In the Porch basement before we took off.
Phil's doin the gu!
Rob owned the camera.
I-90 bridge - so fun

Align Center

This pic makes me laugh bc I look serious.

Well, that's all for now! We shall see what this weekend brings. I've really been enjoying riding (and running and swimming) and thinking of the funds that have already been donated to UVP and the changes that will happen because of that. Thanks to you out there who have already donated. You are amazing. Webalee!

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