Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Full Moon at Sunrise

If you happened to be on Aurora by Greenlake at around 7:30 last Friday morning, you may have caught a glimpse of my BOOTY!

So, I took off for a quick 6 mile jog before work. Nothing out of the ordinary -- 2 laps around the lake I know and love. I left my house around 6:45 as the sun was rising and Greenlake was looking beautiful as the sun reflected off its still waters. I don't run with earphones or music these days, so I was enjoying my run and time of reflection and prayer.

I was about 5 miles in and really feeling my pace. I was on the outside trail of the lake and had just passed the crew/boat house and started to run beside the magnificent 99. When all of the sudden, before I have time to react... a man is right behind me and PULLS MY PANTS DOWN! That's right. He pulled my spandex running pants down to below my knees. My buns exposed to the world!

True story. So, I yell "OH MY GOSH!!!" as I'm pulling my pants up (alongside 99, mind you) and idiot/creeper man yells "OH **** I thought you were somebody else" and took off sprinting the other direction. Sprinting. My mouth was wide open as I watched him fade into the distance.

So, there I was. Pants pulled back up and confused/shocked... and well, continued with my run. That man better thank his lucky stars my ninja fiance did not see that. I wish SO bad he did! I hope that man goes to sleep every night knowing Rob is hunting him down...

I kind of just assumed this pants-ing man was just a normal man (yet obviously lacking proper judgement and decision making skills) who assumed I was his girlfriend or friend and thought he would be funny and play a practical joke. Turns out he could indeed be a creeper, so I'm actually going to file a police report.

So, there you have it. The adventures of an ironman in training! Let's hope that's the last time my booty makes an appearance on Aurora :)

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  1. What??!?!? MEG!

    I am... aghast.

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED!!!!!! I hope it's okay that I'm kind of cracking up, too. :)