Friday, April 9, 2010

T minus 80 days!

Jambo (the way Ugandans say hello)! I'll start off with a couple of pics. I figure I must put in a picture of the most epic run of my life! At the end of a 10 mile run at Discovery Park on March 13th, Rob dropped a knee! And my mouth dropped. And we are getting married!!!!
BUT most workouts aren't that exciting. And probably will never be ;) Usually they are about like this. Me on a trainer at L.A. Fitness going for miles but moving nowhere... well at least moving to the beat of some Michael Jackson or featured artist of a spin class.

Now time to write. Hello my long lost blog. Turns out when you are training for an Ironman, planning a wedding and busy being a resident... you don't have much time to do things like blog. But here I am :)

Well, the good news is I haven't been pantsed again! Praise the Lord! Bad news is that I got really sick last week and only worked out 3 times in the whole week :( BUT more good news... I'm better and back on track!

Here are my most recent tallies as of last Sunday, April 4th.

6 months of training has lead me to:

88 miles of swimming
2, 121 miles of biking
464 miles of running

I guess it seems like a decent amount of mileage put in so far... but the thought of waking up in less than three months to do an Ironman still is quite an incomprehensible thought. My feelings & thoughts about this whole thing currently are a nice little combination of fear and excitement. Luckily, I tend to be more excited than afraid. Yet in all reality, I have those moments where my stomach turns into a huge knot when I think about the task at hand. Moments of fear take over my whole body when I'm on a bike with a huge stomach cramp and thinking... 112 miles... and THEN a marathon. It seems impossible.

But thanks be to God, it's not. What reminds me that I can and WILL be an Ironman is knowing God has me in His work for a reason. He reminds me of why I'm doing this: His people in Uganda. Friends in Uganda who will have clean water. I mean CLEAN water that is CLOSE to their homes! Water that will not take life away but give life and hope.

And... people in Uganda, in far away villages, will be provided sustainable means and education that will empower them to live longer and healthier lives. I've experienced and seen the fruits of the work of UVP, so recognizing that and hoping in what's to come... is powerful. Powerful enough to get me to train like a madwoman. Powerful enough to take away my fears.

So, that's me as of today! I'm ready for a weekend ahead of a loooong bike ride in the sun and some running in a Mt. Si Relay with the Always Running crew. Should be good times!

And if you haven't checked out the Racing for Relief website, you should! Spread the word about Uganda Village Project and to those who you think may be interested. I only have 3 more months to promote His work and the amazing work of Uganda Village Project!

OH and one more thing I would like to annouce to the world, to God and His people. I am giving up drinking diet coke. WOW. That is the heart of an Ironman. No more cool, crisp, rejuvinating diet cokes at 3:00 in the afternoon when I'm getting that wave of tiredness. Instead I will have water. I decided I need to be more hydrated for my workouts -- they are getting long and intense. And water is free and we have it available :) And it will better prepare my body for race day! Ok, I said it. Now you can all hold me accountable!

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